Life Worth Living

A Restless World

This world is a restless place. We see people dashing about trying to find fulfillment in activity. Many dedicate themselves to gather riches. Others want all the pleasure of the sensual life. Still others want more leisure and arrange to work less and play more. Yet their spirits are not satisfied. Gadgets, pleasures, and possessions eventually lose their attractiveness. Every new diversion fills in for a time but quickly loses its appeal. Something seems to be missing.

We all have our share of disappointments. Our activities are limited by our physical capabilities. Family members need constant care. We feel trapped in a job because we lack expertise to take up other work. We spend money and go into debt hoping the next purchase will make life more tolerable. Our marriage has not proved to be what we had hoped. In vain we look for fulfillment and purpose.

Is this all there is to life? Should there not be something meaningful to give us satisfaction, something more permanent? Surely, there is a solution.

What Is Life?

Life is a precious span of time given to us by the Creator. The Bible says it is like a shadow (1 Chronicles 29:15); as short-lived as plants and flowers (1 Peter 1:24); and as fleeting as a vapor (James 4:14).

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While we are young we see life extending for years. As we get older, time seems to speed up. We can’t accomplish what we had hoped for earlier. We are disappointed by a variety of hindrances that restrict our lifestyle.

What Is the Problem?

What contributes to the discontent inside us?

Life is an opportunity but also a responsibility. We are unhappy whenever we go against the good we know we should do. Sin against our fellow man brings about uneasiness and guilt. Sin against ourselves has its destructive effects on our peace of mind. We feel responsible for our deeds.

Most people have a feeling that life is part of a bigger picture than their few short years on earth. For many this means they need to recognize a higher spiritual power, a greater purpose at work in the universe. They may not always know who or what that is.

Often people are dissatisfied with life because they fail to see it from God’s perspective. They are ignorant of God’s will and purpose for man, sometimes willingly so. Many fail to envision the eternal bliss of the faithful and would rather ignore the final judgment of the wicked and godless (Romans 6:23).

The Abundant Life Is Available

Jesus says in John 16:24, “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” The joy that Jesus gives is not easily removed from a Christian’s heart.

At times we are heavy hearted because of temptations. But the joy from the Holy Spirit’s presence runs deeper. It may not be the bubbling, light feeling all the time but simply a calm trust in the Lord that allows us to stand unwavering in trial and unconquered by the storm.

Some may tell you that the Christian way is too restrictive to be enjoyed. They might think that in order to be happy you must be able to do as you please. Just try the Lord! You will find it is a pleasure to serve the One who died for you. It will become clear to you that the person who serves himself is really the one in bondage and the servant of Christ is the free man.

True fulfillment is not found in following trends and fashions or patterning our lives to impress others. That kind of living becomes a compulsive force in us and leads to bondage. When we are humble we are free. Free to be ourselves. Free to rest our minds from worrying about what others are thinking of us.

Jesus Offers Life Worth Living

In Matthew 11:28 we read, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Here Jesus offers rest to all whose load seems more than they can carry, whose life lacks purpose, whose life is unfulfilled.

Come to the Lord and give Him your load of sin, your dissatisfaction, your unfulfilled emptiness, and your frustration. Admit your inability to handle life’s problems. Turn from what you know to be wrong in your life. Give your life over to Jesus. Trust Him to take you by the hand and lead you.

Once you realize you need help in your life, you can come to Jesus and receive that help. As long as you feel independent and self-sufficient, He can do nothing for you. When you yield yourself to his care, there is hope for you.

Jesus Christ can fill the deepest longing of your soul. Yield your life and will to Him. As you ask Him to fill you with his abundance, life in all its fullness will be yours.

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